Thank you for your interest in Comscient Group and welcome to our website – John Matthews, Managing Principal and Founder, Comscient Group.

Comscient Group provides research, editorial and marketing services to publishers, digital media services and technology providers, digital marketing services and technology providers, and B2B technology companies, and to consulting, investment banks, and private equity firms. We provide industry consulting services and deal marketing support services to digital focused investment banks, technology companies, and digital media companies. For larger technology, media and advertising agency businesses we provide corporate development, ecosystem development, and technology industry tracking and trend monitoring consulting services.

We deliver are services as term-based retainer and project based consulting services, Our retainer services rates range from $2000 to $10000 per month, Our project based services are billed per hour, per day, or fixed price. Our project based hourly billing rates range from $250 to $400.

Recent projects include:

  • Advisor to an Investment Bank on a cross-border US/European Joint Venture deal in the digital marketing technology space
  • Advisor to a European publishing technology company on US market entry & partner strategy
  • Advisor to digital media/online publishing M&A buy-out team
  • Social Media Marketing influencer audit and outreach for a Fortune 500 Tech company
  • Social Media Marketing strategy audit for a division of a Fortune 500 Software company
  • Digital Marketing Operations review for a Fortune 500 company
  • Project Management/Writing/Editing thought leadership content development for an ad tech company
  • Writing a POV white paper for a digital media/marketing investment bank on AdTech/RTB click here
  • Numerous financial technology research and advisory assignments for a European based strategy consultancy
  • Numerous Digital/Tech/Internet market, vendor, and investment research assignments for tier one global strategy consultancy
  • Research identifying corporate tech buy out opportunities for a global Private Equity firm

Quoted in FT Mergermarket’s Deal Driver’s North America 2011 report click here and 2012 report click here and in the Financial Times’ article “Rising tech valuations put press on VC exits” click here

Our client consulting work ranges from strategic studies that diagnose and solve problems for clients or provide them with critical insights into strategic issues and industry trends and dynamics, research and advice on partnerships, alliances, and corporate development and acquisitions, through to business needs analysis and systems architecture design for digital marketing and CRM systems.

Our client services and client engagements include:

Media and Marketing Services Industry Consulting

AdTech and Ad Exchanges Insight and Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Intelligence Consulting

Mergers and Acquisition Support

Technology Provider Strategy and Marketing

Advising the Consultants

Private Equity Investment Support

Technology Procurement Consulting

Media and Marketing Services Industry Consulting: helping online publishers devise scalable and robust digital ad sales tactics and strategies to optimize digital revenue and customer relationships through direct and indirect sales channels (ad networks, ad exchanges, real time bidding (RTB), and demand side platforms).

AdTech and Ad Exchanges Insight and Strategy: providing market-based custom research and advisory services covering the emerging “at scale” exchange and platform based display, mobile, video, social, and interactive TV advertising ecosystems.

Digital Marketing Strategy: helping marketers and brands target and engage with customers at scale through a better understanding of emerging digital marketing, new online advertising and customer engagement economics, new online marketplaces, advertising and media technologies, and emerging media market operating systems.

Social Intelligence Consulting: providing social media marketing, online listening and reputation management, and content (thought leadership) marketing services to help B2B technology and professional services companies best address and engage their markets, prospects, and customers.

Mergers and Acquisition Support: providing market based M&A research and advisory services to digital marketing and customer engagement technology companies and their investment banking partners, also advising investment banking partners on client engagements (see our Ad Tech and Social Media Tech Industry Map here).

Technology Provider Strategy and Marketing: providing business strategy, marketing strategy, marketing communications, and social media and digital marketing services to technology providers.

Advising the Consultants: providing custom market based research and advisory services about emerging digital marketing and customer engagement technologies to support middle market through to tier one global management consulting firms in their client engagements and thought leadership marketing.

Private Equity Investment Support: providing industry scanning and industry analysis, target analysis, and due diligence research and advisory to support middle market private equity and other investment firms investing in digital media and digital marketing businesses.

Technology Procurement Consulting: providing market and vendor screening to help clients make optimal selection decisions when procuring digital technology and services.

Please explore our website to obtain further information and if we may be able to help you with solving a problem please call us on +1 201.946.1800 or email us to discuss your needs further.

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